American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) Credit Card

Apply for American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) Credit Card

1 Extra Savings Point for every $100 spent everywhere else Visa cards are accepted.

For every dollar spent on AEO purchases using your credit card you will earn Extra Savings points equal to 4% of that AEO purchase.

At 100 points earned you receive 15% off, at 200 points -20% off, at 350 points – 30% off and at 500 points – 40% off.

Get 15% off your first purchase in store or online at or

$10 Extra Savings for every 10 points earned.

Exclusive cardholders savings events 4 times a year.

20% off birthday coupon.
Rate Detail
Type Rewards First Use 15% off on brand
Store Bank
Intro APR Balance Transfer APR
Regular APR 24.24% (V) Annual Fee None
Rewards 4%pts./$1 on brand Credit Levels
Excellent, Good
Network Visa Avg.Rating

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Laura C

Overall compared to other credit cards, I find the American Eagle (AEO) Credit Card to be a pretty good card. The rewards component is awesome, especially if you shop at AEO since you get a 4% reward. The non-AEO purchase rewards of 1% can really add up too. Since the rewards are only redeemable in discount form at AEO it is definitely an essential that you shop there and this can be considered one of the few downfalls or cons to the card. The APR is not that high as compared to a lot of other cards, although 23.99% is on the higher end of normalcy. The grace period of 23 days is a very generous feature since most credit cards only give 10 days.

Juan Salcedo

This is a great card, I personally love to shop at American Eagle Outfitters so this is a real money saving for me. I would recommend this card to anyone who is a regular shopper at AE, you can really get some points at a fast rate. I used the GAP credit card as well but I noticed that the AE card has more benefits and better rewards. The negative sides of this card is that it has an interest payout that is a little bit high but if you use it mainly on the AE store it can save you more than a few bucks on the long run. So in conclusion it´s a pretty decent deal, highly recommendable if you like to shop at AE.

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