Kohl's Credit Card

Apply for Kohl's Credit Card

Save 25% on your first purchase using your new Kohl’s Credit Card.

This card entitles you to at least 12 special offers.

An additional 15% discount will arrive with your new card in the mail

Spend $600 on your Kohl's Charge to become a Most Valued Customer (MVC) and receive at least 18 discounts a year
Rate Detail
Type Rewards First Use 25% off + additional 15% discount in the mail
Store Bank
Intro APR Balance Transfer APR
Regular APR 24.24% (V) Annual Fee None
Rewards at least 12 special offers Credit Levels
Excellent, Good, Fair
Network Avg.Rating

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The good thing about it is you get % off coupons AND...you can use up to 8 different coupons in one transactions. You can use your % off and combine with $ off amounts which can save you $$$$$. Just remember, When trying to establish, maintain credit. It is nice to have at least one card like this. The longer you keep, pay on time every month, it gets reported to credit bureau. The older your accounts are and in good standing. You will be good. Just stay under 30% of allowed credit monthly on ALL cards combined.

Rachel Notario

The card itself had some nice perks with coupons and discounts but I have had the card for about two years with a whopping 300 CLI that never increased even when I asked so I closed it. My sister had the sam issue. I have other cards with much higher limits and it really wasn't worth keeping.

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