Lowe's credit card

Apply for Lowe's credit card

Choose 5% off every day, or select special financing when you use your Lowe's Store Card with a minimum purchase of $299
Rate Detail
Type Rewards First Use
Store Bank
Intro APR 0% - 5.99% for 6 - 84 months Balance Transfer APR
Regular APR 26.99% (V) Annual Fee None
Rewards 5% off $299 on brand Credit Levels
Excellent, Good, Fair
Network Avg.Rating

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Jessica Schertz

The 5% really adds up quickly and I love that there's no minimum purchase amount for it. It also makes my purchases easier by keeping my history stored- if i need to retrieve a paint color, etc. it's all stored!


I like the card for certain things. For instance, I do a lot of home improvement projects, so I shop at Lowes a lot, and it just made sense to get this card. I get 5% off most purchases at Lowes if I use this card, so that comes in very handy. Also, this card periodically has a special where I pay no interest for 6 months on a single purchase, so if I need to buy a major appliance this really helps out. The APR is a bit high - I think its nearly 25%, so I try not to leave a balance on the card. I would definitely recommend it for other people who regularly shop at Lowes, or need to make big purchases from Lowes.

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