Nordstrom Store Card

Apply for Nordstrom Store Card

Earn 2 points per net dollar spent at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook, and every 2,000 points gets you a $20 Nordstrom Note.

Get a $20 bonus Note when you spend $100 at Nordstrom with your Nordstrom card the day you apply.
Rate Detail
Type Rewards First Use $20 bonus over $100
Store Bank
Intro APR Balance Transfer APR
Regular APR 23.15% (V) Annual Fee None
Rewards 2pts./$1 on brand. 2,000pts.=$20 Credit Levels
Excellent, Good, Fair
Network Avg.Rating

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As a longtime Nordstrom Visa card holder I would strongly suggest this as a secondary card. Not a main credit card. I have had several issues with it not being dependable regardless of it being paid off etc. They didn't notify me when they knew I had a chip malfunction. I found out when I was trying to buy groceries. They had known and sent me a new card out but never informed me. I was shocked that I never was contacted about this and was thankful I had a back up card! I travel a lot and need a dependable credit card and this is not it. On another note there are many cards out there that give much better rewards as well. Do your research as to what is best for your needs.

Fee Tree

I like this card. I use it whenever I shop at Nordstrom so that I can get rewards. You can earn Nordstrom Notes pretty quickly if you shop there often. It is easy to get approved as you can do the whole process online. You can use the card instantly to shop online if you are approved. You don't have to wait for it in the mail as they save the details to your Nordstrom account online. I thought that was a nice touch and made using the card more convenient.

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