Toys R Us Credit Card

Apply for Toys R Us Credit Card

Open an "R"Us Credit Card account online and choose 15% off or special financing (minimum purchase required) with your "R"Us Credit Card

Earn 2 Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases at Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us

Receive 1 point for every $4 spent outside “R”Us stores

10% off at “R”Us stores on Thursday

$5 in “R”US Rewards for every 125 points earned

Registrants get up to 10% back on purchases made from their Babies“R”Us registry

Geoffrey's Birthday Club member offer
Rate Detail
Type Rewards First Use 15% off
Store Bank
Intro APR 0% for 6 - 12 months Balance Transfer APR
Regular APR 26.99% (V) Annual Fee None
Rewards 2pts./$1 on brand, 1pts./$4 others, 10% off on brand on Thur. 125pts.=$5 Credit Levels
Excellent, Good
Network Mastercard Avg.Rating

All info comes from Toys R Us , which is subject to change according to their updates. Terms and Conditions may apply.


J.b. Gabhart

I applied for the "R"Us Credit Card because I am an avid toy collector and find myself in their stores quite often. I like the rewards program, where 500 points equals a $5 coupon, and purchases made at Toys R Us equal four times the points (thus, 500 points equates to $125 spent at TRU--which sounds like a lot, but considering your average collector figure is $20-25, adds up quickly). The rewards coupons also come with additional coupons for toys and baby supplies, which are pretty useless to me but could come in handy if you have children to shop for. That said, the interest rate on my card is fairly ridiculous, and I've been trying to use it sparingly as of late, which pretty much negates the benefits of the rewards program. This is definitely a your-mileage-may-vary scenario. I'd recommend it for families with a good financial footing who frequently shop at Toys R Us, but if that isn't you, you're better to steer clear.

Justin Voss

I applied for and received my Toys R Us credit card last Christmas when I was making a purchase of around $600. The fact that I got 10% off was a huge blessing, however that is really the extent of this credit card. Other than the initial 10%, you receive about $5 for every $125 spent. Now I shop at Toys R Us frequently enough, but I still have yet to amass an amount of rewards points that would be beneficial in spending. One of the positives about this card is that it is actually good at both Toys R Us and Babies R Us, both in store and online.

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