Walmart Credit Card

Apply for Walmart Credit Card

Save 10% on purchases when you open your account, valid on purchases of up to $250

Get a $10 eGift card when you make your first Walmart Pay purchase with your card

Save 3% on purchases made at

Save 2% on Murphy USA & Walmart gas

Save 1% anywhere your card is accepted
Rate Detail
Type Rewards First Use Save 10% + $10 walmart eGift Card
Store Bank
Intro APR Balance Transfer APR 0% (V) for 6 - 12 months
Regular APR 17.15% - 23.15% (V) Annual Fee None
Rewards save 3% on brand + 2% on Murphy USA & Walmart gas + 1% others Credit Levels
Excellent, Good
Network Mastercard Avg.Rating

All info comes from Walmart , which is subject to change according to their updates. Terms and Conditions may apply.




John Diamond

Horrible customer service!!! - used my card to order online. Informed Walmart MasterCard I had never received an online order and asked them to credit my account as the seller did NOT have a signature of delivery. They opened an "investigation" - months later was informed that my account was not to be credited that it was "a risk I take when ordering online"!!!!

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Nicholas Rewis

Love this card, I got it 3 months ago and I pay it off before the statement date. Never had a problem with customer service because I pay attention to the small print so there is no need to call them. I cant wait for a credit limit increase and hopefully in 12 months I will have the mastercard. :)

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